Saturday, November 21, 2009

The daily answers to prayer

God is a reservoir of wonderful surprises.

Let's be honest. When I lived in California I had come to tire of deanery meetings and figured that after moving here and being considered by my home diocese as retired (though never formally), I would never have to attend a deanery meeting again. I joked with friends that for my sins, which are undoubtedly many and grievous, there I was at a deanery meeting again today.

Which proves that we make too much of our own sins and not enough of God's grace, eh?

Because today's meeting of the NW Deanery was a joy. Attendance was high, spirits were high, people stayed to the end. There was a lot of sharing of joy. Challenges and struggles too, painful situations and difficult discernment but amid all this was a refrain of service, of building, of new things coming to birth. Joy and mutual support, sharing one another's burdens, and upholding one another.

Some of the deanery's outreach money was shifted to support Our Saviour and a freewill offering for lunch, which the hosting church refused (and here I must make note of the wonderful lunch they provided, graciously and deliciously), was shifted to Our Saviour. At the end of the day I felt like one of those brides being pinned with money as bills and checks were stuffed into my shirt pocket.

A frequent refrain was "Thanks be to God," with echoing "Amen!"

How many have prayed for a new spirit, renewed faith, hope, and love, for collaboration and fresh joy in Christ! You interceding saints, your prayers are being answered. The Diocese of the Rio Grande is being transformed by grace.

Thanks be to God!

Can I hear an "Amen"?



  1. Yes, Paul, AMEN! I told my husband it was the best Deanery meeting I'd ever been too (and I've been to some awful ones!) But yesterday, I felt like "Surely the Spirit of the Lord is in this place." When you see people tearing up when they talk about the love and support of their brothers and sisters and their leaders--wow! And a wonderful Eucharist celebrating New Mexico's own saint, Ted Howden....We left remembering how GOOD being "church" can be! Alleluia!

  2. Amen, and amen, and amen!

    And I hope that you did the money dance, Paul. Had I been there, I'd have said, "No dance, no money." ;-)

  3. Mimi, I am still waiting for the quieter music for the slow dance with you.