Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today at Our Saviour

It has been a beautiful autumn day as we give thanks for our vets and remember those who have served. We remember also the soldier, Martin, who became Bishop of Tours.

Here you can see fall color plus lots of tumbleweeds waiting to be gathered and cast into the fire.

More weeds between the entrance and the fire station next door. These will all be waiting for us on our Miracle Day this Saturday.

But the exciting event of the day was putting up the new church sign.

Come a little closer.

Now you can find us if you are joining us this Saturday. And any Sunday.



  1. The sign with the icon is beautiful, Paul.

    I kind of like the tumbleweed, but I guess that's crazy.

    I'll be with you in spirit.

  2. Lovely! I wish I lived a lot closer at times like this.

  3. Tumbleweed looks nice out in the vast fields up on the mesa but not so inviting at your front entrance.

    Thanks, everyone.

  4. Something to do with tumbleweeds - several years ago i saw an outdoor Christmas display in which tumbleweeds had been spray painted white then stacked around a pole to form the shape of a Christmas tree. Stings of lights kept everything together. It actually looked pretty cool.

    i'll be there tomorrow with vacuum and other cleaning implements in hand. See you then!

  5. That's a creative use of tumbleweeds and I am rather sure I have seen those around town in the past. Tomorrow, however, we consign them to the flames. Look forward to seeing you, Scott.