Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two more steps forward

Our Saviour received a first pledge check this week - and it was not from the clergy. I had, amid all the other arrangements, not even remembered this myself and am thus embarrassed to be the second pledging unit, not the first. The Spirit blesses and nudges in many ways.

The sign design (above) has also been approved. I look forward to seeing this out front.

Lord Jesus, you commissioned us to make disciples of all the nations and promised that you would be with us always: So guide this congregation to see the peoples you would have us reach and empower us to be instruments of your saving work, for the glory of God. Amen.



  1. Beautiful, Paul. Good news, indeed. Now get out your checkbook....

    My word verification is "genessi". Close to "genesis", no?

    Second WF "preboy". All right, I quit.

  2. I am the second pledge, Mimi.