Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We start small

Because we have only just begun publicity I did not really expect anyone to come to tonight's English class, and that is what happened. I also expect that to change soon. In any case, my fellow volunteer and I were there, reviewing our resources, discussing ways we might engage people with English, and thinking about possibilities in general. It also gave us a chance to evaluate what visitors see when approaching the church at night, verify the daytime observation that the church heats quickly in cold weather (hooray!), and just have a nice visit.

In e-mail tonight I received suggestions and offers from liturgical arts folks, encouragement from a friend at my former parish in California, and a concrete suggestion for another form of social ministry. This is support from three other congregations and reminds me that the work of the Gospel is a shared ministry in which the Spirit brings together many gifts.

People are coming up with more really great ideas than we can implement all at once but keep them coming. It is all for the glory of God and the life of the world, and everything will bear fruit in its time.
Dios clemente, que enviaste a tu Hijo Jesús a proclamar las Buenas Noticias del reino y por él inspiraste a otros a sembrar las semillas de tu Iglesia: Guíanos para continuar este trabajo y danos los dones para cumplir tu voluntad. Te lo pedimos por Jesucristo nuestro Salvador. Amén.


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